• Whats in store for 2014?

    by  • December 23, 2013 • IRIS Commentary

    2013 could be viewed as a year of deep assessment, selective restructuring while maintaining a decent pace of growth across sectors. Changes in policies resulting in the Shanghai FTZ and policies and standardisations across certain sectors such as finance; food and food security; health; services and other consumer related sectors will start to bring positive benefits and efficiencies in 2014 for businesses as well as consumers.

    So what’s in store for 2014? We predict enhanced growth, meaning value added growth with investment inflows as well as outflows generating growth and expansion and more vertical integration for “internationalised” businesses. We expect closer scrutiny of financial markets including reporting; making cities more liveable with stricter pollution controls; more trade fulfillment via online commerce; further enhancement to e-communications infrastructure; growth and awareness of local brands amongst others. We also see sustained interests in international resources acquisitions across critical metals eg. copper; agri-food and other food related acquisitions such as land for crops and bio-fuels.

    2014 will indeed be another interesting year as China is not stopping – its 24/7 competition in new markets, established markets with new local players and the ever dominant state owned enterprises.