• Why EV Plugins When There Are Better Technologies…

    by  • March 26, 2018 • IRIS Commentary

    As the world progresses with renewables and electrification of automotives, its kind of hilarious that the design minds in automotives are mostly still stuck on what is already a 10+ year incremental technology “innovation”, and even worse when one realises that we have been using plugins since electricity was invented. Think of your plugin for your phone etc..nothing has changed in this area

    Seems to me that we will need more “filling stations” since EV is not as efficient as ICE if one was to calculate the full energy translated from mining coal, oil, hydro, solar or wind to generate electricity and then to batteries to power-up cars. Seems to me that carrying a heavy load of batteries only adds to the sustainability problem, exchanging one resource for another, in this case petrol.

    So why plugins for automotives? Why not continuous and/or intelligent On/Off magnetic induction? BMW, Audi and others have a static induction solution – a inductive plate to stick under your car in the garage. So how about dynamic and automatic induction charging from the very road when you are driving your car? I feel its because too much is already invested in charging stations, in real-estate, in battery technology and other related accessories supporting plugins. There are more products to sell.

    With continuous and intelligent On/Off charging from the road, there is no longer the need for a large battery and no need for charging stations. The battery can be 1/5 the size, getting rid of a lot of dead weight, freeing up space in the car and seriously saving energy. Frankly, current battery EV as a clean and efficent energy solution doesn’t add up.

    Here is a potential game-changer / disruptive get-rid-of-the-plugin large battery model that is already being trialled in Seoul, Korea. See this recent article reported in China Daily.