• Attend IRIS Events

    Why Attend?

    You should attend IRIS CEO Presentations to learn more about international resources and energy; and the companies that operate within these sectors, producing the world’s raw materials to fuel economic growth. China would not have its economic growth without availability of resources and Australia would not have its economic boom without the resources companies exploring, developing and producing these raw materials for export to China.

    Come and listed to insightful stories about new copper – gold discoveries, about development of iron-ore mines and how these companies raise funds for speculative exploration ventures through to large development projects involving complex financing and off-take agreements

    Who Should Attend?

    Stockbrokers, investment bankers, lawyers, analysts, accountants, geoscientists, engineers, service providers, investors and fund managers

    Limited complimentary seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis to qualified investors*. Reserve your seats now! (*Final approval by IRIS Events)

    Pre-registration for all reserved seating – turning up on the day of event will be charged at 500 RMB per person upon seating availability.

    Book Early to avoid disappointment

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