• Research Services

    Copper cathodes

    IRIS Research

    IRIS partners with research houses to deliver comprehensive research on individual stocks as well as commodities research. This information is made available only to IRIS members. Current categories of companies are: gold, copper, iron-ore, other metals & minerals, oil & gas and coal.

    Public Profiles

    For convenience, IRIS maintains links to company websites as well as public profiles.

    Potential Investors

    If you wish to find potential investors for your company, IRIS maintains a comprehensive list of foreign financial institutions operating in China as well as a list of Chinese financial institutions including fund managers, stockbrokers and private equity investors.


    IRIS can be contracted to carry out specific investigative assignments on listed companies as well as potential investors. If you are a listed company, we can save you time, especially in certain countries, where it is sometimes difficult to identify the key decision makers. If you are a potential investor, we can provide you with in the field investigations of listed company projects.